10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is around the corner, here are some gift ideas to help with your search for the perfect Father’s Day gift! 🙂


1. Rechargeable USB Travel Razor from Sharper Image – for the well groomed Father




2. Baby Daddy Baseball Cap from CafePress – for the new Daddy

Baby Daddy Cap



3. Mr. Barbecue Grilling Set from Amazon – for the BBQ fiend Father

Mr. Bar-B-Q 94001X 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set with Storage Case



4. Star Wars Golf Club Covers from ThinkGeek – for the geeky golf loving Father



5. Fitness Tracking Bracelet from Jawbone on Ebay – for the health conscious, gadget obsessed Dad




6. French Coffee Press from Crate & Barrel – for the caffeine fix Father

Bodum® Chambord 34 Ounce French Press



7. NBA Live 14 from Abt Electronics – for the basketball/gamer Dad


8. Whiskey Glass Set from Bed, Bath & Beyond – for the whiskey enthusiast Dad



9. Eye Glass Holder from Uncommon Goods – for the “where are my glasses” Father



10. Tool Chest from Menards – for the “can’t stop fixing things” Father

27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny


Nerd humour is the best humour. (Maybe.)

1. This mug.

This mug.

Source: zazzle.com

2. This comparison.

This comparison.

Source: twicsy.com

3. This visualisation of a developer’s week.

This visualisation of a developer's week.

Source: explosm.net

4. This common relationship problem.

This common relationship problem.

5. This chart.

This chart.

Source: i.imgur.com

6. Thus line of code.

Thus line of code.

Source: i.imgur.com

7. This game.

This game.

Source: my.opera.com

8. This diagram.

This diagram.

9. This bumper sticker.

This bumper sticker.

Source: i.imgur.com  /  via: reddit.com

10. This response to a Facebook status.

This response to a Facebook status.

Source: imgur.com

11. This photo of Ryan Gosling.

This photo of Ryan Gosling.

12. This method of announcing a birth.

This method of announcing a birth.

Source: imgur.com

13. This cartoon strip.

This cartoon strip.

14. This handy guide.

This handy guide.

Source: walyou.com

15. This warning.

This warning.

Source: twitpic.com

16. This common experience.

This common experience.

17. This pie chart.

This pie chart.

By Alan Foreman.

Source: poisonedminds.com  /  via: pinterest.com

18. This tattoo.

This tattoo.

Source: mervy.net

19. This gag.

This gag.

Source: twitter.com  /  via: pinterest.com

20. And this one.

And this one.

21. And this one.

And this one.

22. And this one.

And this one.

23. If programming languages were exam papers…

If programming languages were exam papers...

Source: imgur.com

24. These eleven stages of a project.

These eleven stages of a project.

Source: pinterest.com

25. This definition.

This definition.

Source: i.imgur.com

26. This eternal conundrum

This eternal conundrum

Source: imgur.com

27. And this heartfelt prayer.

And this heartfelt prayer.